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BluePenguin launches Aurora platform to simplify B2B payments

ALPHARETTA, GA — BluePenguin, a fintech company disrupting the B2B virtual payments market, announced today the launch of Aurora, its proprietary business-to-business payments platform. Named after the amazing atmospheric phenomenon that lights up the often placid polar sky, Aurora has been designed from the ground up for ease of access, rapid implementation, scalability and automation.

“Our vision is to democratize B2B virtual payments by putting them in the hands of customers and partners who aren’t well served by the larger companies in the market,” said Steve Boyer, CEO of BluePenguin. “We knew we couldn’t do that if we were just another company licensing one of the aging, legacy fleet card platforms with only a different brand on top. Try as they might, those companies just aren’t positioned to meet the needs of the vast majority of business-to-business customers.”

The Aurora platform is one of the first in the payments industry to offer a completely virtualized, automatically deployed core system enabling on-the-fly scaling and redundancy. It includes built-in support for multiple payment types and card networks, digital customer application, KYC and contract management, a self-directed integration and certification harness including RESTful API and batch options, and a turnkey payments portal. The platform’s core archectiture is assembled using a microservices design philosophy, enabling secure, rapid introduction of new capabilities without impacting those already in use. All customer-facing assets within Aurora are fully brandable and customizable without reducing any functionality or efficiency, and integrators can implement virtual payment card processing without needing to undergo the hassle of PCI compliance.

“Aurora’s technology is purpose-built to integrate smoothly with customers and partners so they can be up and running in days, not months, with a solution that fits their workflows, responds to their changing needs, without requiring them to become payment experts,” Boyer said.

About BluePenguin
BluePenguin launched in 2018 with the goal to democratize the massive B2B payments market, which has historically been dominated by legacy systems that are difficult to integrate and slow to adapt. Thanks to BluePenguin’s agile and proprietary platform, the company is bringing the power of B2B virtual payments to underserved customers through their own technologies and trusted business relationships. BluePenguin is located in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Media Contact:
Len Winter
Director of Partnership Marketing
+1 (404) 445-5537

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