Payables throwing your money away?

BluePenguin is the way to pay that pays you back.

With BluePenguin Payments, you can convert all your manual payables to fast, secure, simple digital payments. There’s no paperwork, less labor and reconciliation is a snap. Even better, digital payments can generate a funding stream. It really is the way to pay that pays you back.

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Ditch the checks. They’re just more trouble than they’re worth.

Hidden work

Unless you have integrated check printing and mail services, chances are you’re hand-writing checks and hand-stuffing envelopes every time you pay an invoice – and then taking it down to the mailroom or (even worse) the post office. That’s a lot of steps just to pay a single bill. Now multiply that by the number of vendors you pay. That’s a lot of wasted time.

Hidden costs

From purchasing paper, envelopes and postage, printer wear and tear, to the labor involved, it all adds up. Multiple studies indicate the nationwide average cost to issue a check payment can be up to $20 per check – if everything works as it should. Fixing errors costs time and money. Why spend money just to pay your bills?

Hidden risks

A simple mistake like the wrong invoice or PO number on a check and both you and your vendor have a reconciliation nightmare. A delay or problem in the mail will create cash flow problems. And what if the “bad guys” intercept your checks? That will expose your business and reputation to risks you could have avoided.

Our solution

No more manual check processing

When a vendor sends you an invoice, BluePenguin swings into action. We integrate with your accounts payable or ERP system so you can manage your vendor relationships and payables the way you always have.


We have off-the-shelf integrations for popular accounting programs like Intuit QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Zoho and others. Just select BluePenguin when you’re ready to pay and we’ll handle the rest.

Pay invoices with the click of a button

When you pay with BluePenguin, we’ll create and fund a digital payment card for the exact amount you authorize. You can create cards for the exact amount of your invoice, or place a virtual card on file at a vendor. We’ll notify you when the card is ready to use and when the vendor’s payment process is complete. 80% of vendors in the USA accept cards, but if you run across one that doesn’t, you can pay with ACH without changing your process.


Don’t use an A/P or ERP platform? You can always use our portal for free to pay your vendors. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Managing your business just got easier

We’re not just about faster, better payments. We know that transparent access to payment information helps businesses run at peak efficiency.

We ensure complete transaction life cycle data is available to you for every payment you make. There’s no need to log onto a separate bill payment system to reconcile your payables; we deliver it all to you.

Got a more complex payment situation? Multiple invoices, backordered items, split shipments? No worries. BluePenguin can handle it.

Happy buyers and happy vendors. That’s what we’re all about.

Turn cost into cash flow

With BluePenguin’s digital payment solutions, you can get paid for paying your bills. What’s not to love?

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